Bump Friendly Dresses

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Bump-Friendly Dresses and Tops

Who says you need to shop in the maternity section when you’re expecting? Clothes that are labeled “maternity” can be restricted to limited styles and uninspired fashions.

We at Magnolia Boutique hand-select a variety of bump-friendly dresses and trendy tops with chic details that will look perfectly stylish on you when you’re not showing and as you grow. We’ve chosen the best cuts and designs for boutique dresses that will feel comfortable on you without compromising on this season’s most popular bump-friendly clothes.

Must-Have Maxis and Blouses

Maxi dresses provide you with form-fitting tops that feature modest to deep necklines. You’re growing up top too, so why not show it off a little and boost your confidence to match your glowing skin? Bump-friendly maxi dresses compliment you with long, flowing bottoms that feel appropriate and can even help disguise swelling when baby is soon to arrive. Pair your dress with comfortable, trendy flats and get ready to be admired!

Similarly, the chic blouses in this collection effortlessly pair with stretchy jeans. Feel put-together as you head to the office, out to dinner, or while running errands. Get the latest patterns and cuts, so you can remain in style even after your new little one arrives.

Clothing That Inspires

We all know having a baby gets expensive. It can be hard to spend money on bump-friendly clothes, only to grow out of them so fast. With our indie-style, bump-friendly maxi dresses and tops, you can wear them before, during, and after pregnancy! Enjoy your time to shine with boutique clothing that says, “This mama’s gonna rock it!”